Peninsula Legal Secretarial Services, LLC. Affordable Legal & Business Secretarial Services Welcome. I am Cammy Brown, owner and operator of Peninsula Legal Secretarial Services, LLC. Peninsula Legal Secretarial Services in Port Hadlock, WA. I am an independent paralegal who can provide legal secretarial needs through my office as a virtual or traditional secretary. Peninsula Legal Secretarial Services, LLC provides you with affordable services for personal and business needs. I invite you to explore these to pages to get to know me, see the array of services that I provide and the commitment that I have to our community. Need office assistance? I will organize, phone, run errands, type, file, research, edit, database managment, documentation creation and more. Beginning or established, I can control your chaos while you do what you do best...make money. I can work from your office or mine. Leave the daily details to me. Please give me a call to schedule an appointment My commitment to you... "If I can't help you, I will find someone who can." "I am not, and do not claim to be an attorney. As such I cannot and do not give legal advice." "Your privacy is very important to me. Any information is not shared." I no longer have an office location in Salmon Business Park. To schedule an appointment and meet with me please call my cell phone at 360-301-2590. I will meet with you at your home or other designated place. Thank you. 360-301-2590